Sources of Energy Extra Questions: Short, Very Short and Long Questions

Class 10 Extra Questions

Class 10 Science Sources of Energy Extra Questions

In our previous posts we posted Science extra questions from the chapter Control and Coordination. In today’s article we will share some very important questions from the chapter Sources of Energy. We have listed Short, very short answer questions and Long answer type questions from the chapter Sources of Energy. Here you go:–

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CBSE Class 10th: Sources of Energy Extra Questions

Short Answer Questions | Long Answer Questions 


Q.1. What are fossil fuels and their importance?

Q.2. What is BioMass and how it is prepared?

Q.3. Define Tidal Energy.

Q.4. Explain how tidal energy is harnessed and write  one limitation of the use of tidal energy.

Q.5. Define the process of Nuclear Fission. How can we generate electricity in a nuclear reactor?

Q.6. List 3 non conventional sources of Energy.


CBSE Class 10th Sources of Energy Extra Questions

Q.7. Why is the solar cooker painted black from outside?

Q.8. Define Fuel. What are the features of a good fuel?

Q.9. Write 3 advantages of Charcoal over wood.

Q.10. What is acid rain and what are its bad effects?

Q.11 Name one fuel used in nuclear reactor.

Q.12. What are the uses of Solar Cells?

Q.13. What limitations occur if we wish to harness energy from Wind energy in bulk amount? Write any 3. 


So, these were the Class 10 Science, Sources of Energy Extra Questions. Hope you liked this article? Don’t forget to share it with your classmates and friends. Keep learning with Careeradvice4u. Stay Tuned for CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers, Extra questions, Class 10th Science NCERT Solutions and more…





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