SSC Exam Vocabulary: Important English Vocab 2017

SSC Exam Vocabulary
SSC Exam Vocabulary 2017 for CGL/CHSL

SSC Exam Vocabulary for English Section

SSC Exam Vocabulary: Staff Selection Commission is the body which is responsible for a lot of Recruitments. SSC CGL or SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam is the one for which lakhs of people prepare for the whole year. Candidates from all over India prepare for this exam. SSC CGL Exam is conducted in the month of July or August every year depending on the SSC Notifications or SSC Exam Calendar.

SSC CGL or SSC CHSL Exam has 4 sections in overall in the SSC Pre Exam. SSC conducts its Pre Exam and then students who qualify in the SSC Pre Exam appear in the SSC Mains Exam. SSC CGL and the SSC CHSL exam has four sections namely Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness, and English Section. Most of the students are confused as How to prepare for SSC CGL English Section.

This SSC Exam Vocabulary will help you to score good marks in SSC English Exam. It will also help you in other Government jobs Exams. We will update you with more Vocab words in our next SSC Exam Vocabulary Article. So, have a look at the vocabulary for SSC CGL 2017.

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SSC Exam Vocabulary: Best English Vocab Capsule 2017

SSC Vocab
SSC Exam Vocabulary 2017 for CGL/CHSL

Below is given the list of Top and the best English Vocab that you can notice in most of the previous year SSC CGL and SSC CHSL exam. We hope this will help you to score more marks in the English section of SSC CGL Tier 1 and also in the SSC CHSL Exam. These are the most important words for SSC CGL.


“SSC Exam Vocabulary”

SSC Exam Vocabulary with Letter A

Amputee:  A person whose limb has been amputated

Anachronism: Something that is not suitable for its existence

Anarchy: Absence of Government

Arable: Something suitable for growing Crops

Arena:  An area surrounded by seats for fight, sports etc

Arid: No rain

Apartheid: Discrimination on the basis of race.

Annihilate: Complete destruction of something


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SSC Exam Vocabulary with letter B

Belligerent: Related to War

Bigot: A person having narrow views for religions

Bicentenary:  2ooth Anniversary

Bilingual:  One who speaks 2 languages

Ballad: A very long poem/Song


SSC Exam Vocabulary with letter C

Cavalry: Soldiers fighting on horses

Cannibal: A person who eats flesh of humans

Cemetry:  A Place where people are buried

Catalogue: A detailed list of books

Celibate: Not married

Carcinogen: Cancer-causing substances

Cacophony:  A harsh sound

Connoisseur:  A person who is a real appreciator of music and art.

Coterie:  A group of people for Self-interest


SSC Exam Vocabulary with letter D

Destitute:  Lacking all the possessions

Dossier: A set of documents

Dexterous: Having the skill to handle things

Dismayed: Full of Depression

Drizzle: Light Rain in form of fine droplets


SSC Exam Vocabulary with letter E

Eccentric: Having uncommon habits

Edible: Suitable for eating

Effeminate: Having woman manners

Elixir: Magical Liquid

Efface:  Wiping out

Epilogue:  A short speech after the drama

Exonerate: To set someone guilty free or blame

Etiolate: Getting yellowish in absence of light


SSC Exam Vocabulary with letter F

Fable: A story which giving lessons with the medium of animals and objects

Funambulist: A person who walks on the ropes

Freelancer: A person who believes in self-employment and is open to working for various companies

Foreman: A male supervisor to keep a check on workers

Fugitive: One who tries to escape from the Law

Fratricide: One who murdered his brother

Foliate: Similar to leaves

Fob: An extended chain attached to a watch


SSC Exam Vocabulary with letter G

Gallant: Bravery

Garrison: A soldier’s group that lives in Fort

Glutton: A person who eats too much

Granary: Grains store

Gregarious:  Animals living in group/flocks

Gratis:  Without the Payment

Gullible: One who is easy to cheat upon

Gimmick: A device or a trick to get attention or publicity


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SSC Exam Vocabulary with letter H

Haggard: Badly tired and unwell from worry or a suffering

Heresy: Opposite beliefs to what is believed

Hegemony: Showing dominance on a group

Heifer: Cow that hasn’t bred yet

Harridan: Belligerent old lady

Hamlet: A small village

Hallucination: Imaginary things that have no reality

Hag:  Not pretty woman


SSC Exam Vocabulary with letter I

Iconoclast: Against the traditions

Idiolect: A speech way of a person

Impervious: A person who remains static to what other people think and arguments

Impostor: One who shows a false image of what he is not

Indefatigable: One who doesn’t get tired

Ineptness: Absence of skills

Inexorable: Something which can not be halted

Insatiable: Not capable of being satisfied


SSC Exam Vocabulary with letter J

Jargon: Technical terms or special words/terms

Jovial: Cheerful person

Juxtapose: Keeping one thing next to another

Jibe: A remark that can be insulting in nature

Juggler: Who can balance objects in the air

Jingoism: Very Aggressive kind of patriotism

SSC Exam Vocabulary with letter K

Kleptomaniac: A person who has a habit of stealing things

Knell: A voice of the bell of Funeral


SSC Exam Vocabulary with letter L

Laxative: Bowl cleanser medicine

Lexicon: Vocabulary of a particular language

Loquacious: A person who speaks a lot

Liar: A hidden place for animals to live.

Libertine:  Behaving non-morally in the cases of sexual matters(especially men)


SSC Exam Vocabulary with letter M

Matricide: A person who kills his own mother

Maxim: A brief statement of Truth

Massacre: Slaughter of a large number of people

Maniac: Enthusiasm for work in a mad manner

Misogynist: Hating the women

Morphology: Study of morph i.e. forms

Motel: Hotel on the roadside

Monopoly: Single right or authority to produce or sell something


SSC Exam Vocabulary with letter N

Narcissism: Always Praising self

Nonpareil: Something you cannot compare

Nocturnal: Night person or awake at night

Nimble: Agile

Nemesis: Decline due to our actions

Numismatic: Collecting coins

Nuance:  Very small difference in color or meaning


So, this was all about the SSC Exam Vocabulary for English. These are the Important SSc Vocabs that repeats in the SSC CGL and SSC CHSL exams. Hope it helps you to score good marks in SSC CGL/CHSL English section.






















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