English Vocabulary for SSC CGL 2019 [ Previous year Vocabs ]

SSC CGL Vocabulary

English Vocabulary for SSC CGL 2019

Vocabulary for SSC CGL 2019:    English is an important subject in any competitive exam. SSC is one of the most popular competitive exam for which lakhs of students appear every year. SSC stands for Staff Selection Commission. SSC conducts exams for various posts througout the year. SSC CHSL and SSC CGL are 2 important exams conduced by the department of SSC. SSC CGL stands for SSC Combined Graduate Level exam. It has two tiers. Tier 1 and Tier 2, i,e Pre and Mains exam for which students prepare with full dedication. SSC Pre has four sections Reasoning, English, Maths and GS. Today, in this post we bring to you the best Vocabularies for SSC CGL 2019 Exam. Most of the words given in this vocabulary has already appeared in the previous year SSC CGL exams.


English Vocabulary for SSC CGL 2019

Important English Vocab for SSC CGL

Abash                      To embarass

Abrogate                End of a tradition

Backbite                To talk bad about someone

Anguish                 Unhappiness

Aghast                    Extreme feeling of stress or tension

Immutable            Which can’t be changed

Laurels                   Honour

Insane                      Mad

magnitude              Amount

Pyre                           A pile up of wooden pieces to burn a dead body

Vestige                    A component or part of an existing thing

Terse                         Concise

Orator                       A person who can deliver excellent speeches

Panacea                    A medicine or solution for all types of diseases

Aberrant                  Degrade

Egoist                          Selfish

Loquacious               Talkative

Soliloquy              Act of talking to oneself

Malpractice          Doing a wrong deed

Malnourished     Lacking proper nourishment

Cacophony             Producing a harsh sound

Omnipresent        Present everywhere, used for God

Dipsomaniac         A person who is extremely fond of alcoholic drinks

Misogamist            A person who hates marriage and does not believe in the idea.

Democracy            A form of government in which people choose the leaders.

Calligraphy           The art of a beautiful writing

Somnambulist      A person who walks in the sleep

Bigamy                   A person who is married to 2 persons.

Cacoderma            Having a bad skin

Maladroit                Not having a skillset

Exogamy                  Marrying outside your group or community

Corpse                       A human’s dead body

Carcass                      Animal’s dead body

Fatal                          Deadly or very dangerous

Eternal                      Something which will always be there, ex. God

Agnostic                    A person who does not believe in God

Theist                         A person who has positive beliefs for God

Atheist                        Someone who does not believe in God

Indefatigable            Not feeling tired/ always staying refreshed

Polyglot                      A skilled person capable of speaking many languages

Malleability               The ability to be beaten into thin sheets

Ductility                     The ability to be beaten into thin wires

Oncology                  Study of cancer related cells

Opthalmology         Science of eye and its diseases

Fastidious                  Some one who is very difficult to be pleased

Pathology                  Study of various diseases and their causes

Neurology                  A study of the nervous system and functions

Incorrigible              Not possible to correct

Gerontology              Old age related problems and diseases and their study

Portable                    Easy to carry

Brittle                        Something which breaks down easily

Sanguine                  Having a positivity or hope

Gullible                        A non clever person or the one who can be fooled easily

Iconoclast                  One who destroys religious idols and images

Impervious                Not allowing penetration

Austerity                     Having a hardness in attitude

Doldrums                    temporary stage of inactivity

Melee                            a noisy fight

Frantically                in a confused state

Stall                             to bring to a halt

Grouse                       to express pain in a sad or tired state

Nefarious                   evil activity

Gobble                        To eat very fast and in an awkward manner

Aggravate                  To make something worse than it is now.

Innocuous                   harmless

Reiteration                     repetition


So, these were some of the important Vocabularies for SSC CGL 2019 exam. Hope you liked our article! Don’t  forget to share this with your friends. Stay Tuned with Careeradvice4u for more exams, career and educational updates.

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