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Career Development Taking responsibility and improving your career is not as easy a task as it might seem at first glance. To resume your career or start a new one, go back to study, leave your job or start your own business, you need to have a lot of courage.

But just the “courage” will not give you the opportunity to achieve the desired. Even if you have gained courage and made this first step, only 5% of the length of the entire path has passed. You still need to do a lot of work to succeed, and all your greatest fears (those that made you so long doubtful and delayed at the beginning) are realized on the way to it.

I assume that our situation is similar to you: you, like me, do not have an unsurpassed mentor, a wealthy uncle or someone else who can pinpoint the right path and explain every step that you need to take to achieve career success.  

Last time I had a head somewhere 20 years ago. I left my job at a store where I sold everything I needed to start my own business. As a result, I managed to open my own business “Talent Smart” before graduating from the university.

When I taught myself, I was clearly aware of the need to take care of my career independently and was ready to take risks. Then it seemed to me that it would be enough to succeed.

As it turned out – No! I also needed a guide. Because of his absence, I had to learn from my own experience of a few painful lessons on the path to success.

I will love to share a few of them with you and hope that they will be able to help you build a good career. Looking back, I understand that these lessons are important to all of us.


  • The first is to be “sure”


Successful people radiate self-confidence – they surely believe in themselves and in the business, they are engaged in. But confident ones did not succeed. The first was confidence.

Think about it this way: doubts give rise to doubts. Why should anyone believe in you, in your ideas or your abilities, even if you do not believe them? You need a lot of confidence to make new calls worthily. Unspecified and timid people do not often decide to leave the comfort zone. And the zones of comfort themselves are expanding extremely rarely. That is why people who lack self-confidence often get stuck in jobs that do not have any prospects for career development and are also constantly losing good opportunities. Uncertain people often feel threatened due to the specifics of external circumstances.

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  • You live in such a life that you created yourself


You are not the victim of circumstances. No one can force you to make a decision or do something that is contrary to your values and aspirations. The circumstances in which you are today are the result of your personal activity. So your future depends on you. If you feel stuck in place, then try risking and embodying dreams.

If it’s time to act, remember: it’s always better to be at the foot of the mountain that you want to conquer, rather than on the top of the mountain that you do not care.


  • Being “busy” does not mean being “productive”


Take a look at everyone who surrounds you. They all seem to be very busy: they go from meetings, run at meetings, check mailboxes and make speeches. And how many of them are really productive at this moment? Which of them succeeded in achieving fantastic success?

Success does not come only because you constantly do something, move somewhere. The concentration and confidence that you use effectively and productively every minute is what helps to achieve it.

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  • You are just as good as the people you are united with


You need to surround yourself with people who inspire you and who stimulate you to become the best. And you really will become even better next to them. What about people who pull you down? Why do you let them become part of your life? Anyone who makes you feel bad, agitated, pitiful, or lowers your inspiration, just makes you look like yourself. Life is too short to bind him with such people. Stop any interaction with them.


  • Stop thinking about yourself negatively


When you try to improve your career, not everyone around will support your success. And this will only raise the level of your doubts. The more attention you give to negative thoughts, the more power, and energy you will lose.

Most of our bad thoughts are just reflections, not facts. If you notice that you have believed in the negative and pessimistic mood of the internal voice, then it’s time to stop and record them. To literally stop doing what you are busy at the very moment, sit down and record what you think.


  • Avoid asking the “What if ..?” questions


“And what if ..?” a question that only pours oil into the fire of your anxieties and stress that interfere with the achievement of goals. There are a million different scenarios available, and the more you worry about the possible consequences, the less time you have left to act and maximize productivity.


  • Exercise and have enough sleep


During sleep, your brain destroys the toxic proteins of the neurons, which are side effects of the daytime nervous activity. Unfortunately, your brain can “remove” them only during sleep. So when you do not fall asleep, toxic proteins remain in the brain cells, causing it damage and causing chaos. And this, in turn, weakens your ability to think – and this will not be corrected by caffeine.

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  • Look for little victories


Little victories may seem unimportant to you if you’ve already had something extraordinary. But they form the new androgenic receptors in those parts of the brain that are responsible for rewards and motivation. A series of small victories can increase your self-confidence for several months.



  • Never try to achieve perfection


Do not make perfection for the purpose. It does not exist. Frustrated – naturally for a person. If you aim to do something perfectly, you will be left with an unpleasant feeling of failure, which will force you to abandon your intentions and stop efforts. In the end, your time will be spent on what cannot be achieved.


  • Focus on solutions


What you focus on determines your emotional state. If you take a rush on the problem that you encounter, then you will create and experience negative emotions that will lower your ability to achieve your goals. If you focus on specific actions, you will be able to improve your own skills, change the circumstances for your own benefit, and have a sense of self-efficacy that will produce positive emotions and increase productivity.


  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself


When you fail, it is important that you forgive yourself and continue to move on. Do not ignore the feelings that caused you to make a mistake, but do not get stuck on them. Instead, re-focus on what you need to do in order to succeed in the future.


  • Follow all these tips together


I hope these tips will be as useful to you as they have been for me for many years. When writing them, I remind myself of their great strength and trying to constantly use them.




Author Bio

Kathryn Bob is an accomplished career development trainer and has the privilege of conducting several sessions with many big names in the industry among the participants. Besides her core job and passion in writing information-rich blogs for both students and professionals, Katheryn is also a part of a well-known community of assignment writing experts catering a plethora of academic disciplines worldwide.

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  1. A lot of people are confused with their end goals. If you are not sure with what you actually want to achieve in your life, there’s no way you can achieve it. It is like heading out of your home without knowing where you have to actually go, is it the office ? is the Cafe ? you don’t know !
    I like the point “Be sure” ..
    Figure out your goal, and work towards it every single day of your life.

    • Thanks, Rachit. Yes, I agree with you having a goal in life is very important else you will not achieve success in your life.

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