Improve Your Grammar: Articles in English Grammar|Rules

Articles in English
Articles in English Grammar

Articles in English: Usage in Sentences

Articles in English:  Article is a very important topic of English Grammar. You must have studied Articles Topic in your School but there is a lot more to it. There are about 1331 Rules of Articles. Shocked? yeah, it’s True! But Don’t Worry we are not going to discuss all the 1331 rules of Articles today. That would be too long. We will tell you the basics of Article, use of Articles in English language, how to use the correct articles in sentences.You will also see article grammar examples. We will tell you rules of Articles along with english language articles usage.

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Types of Articles in English Grammar

Articles in English Grammar
Articles in English Grammar

There are 2 types of Articles in English Grammar. We will discuss both the types and how to use the correct articles in sentences. Many of us use incorrect Articles while speaking and writing. You will also learn some Rules of Articles in English Grammar.

  1. Definite Article
  2. Indefinite Article

First, we will discuss the Indefinite Articles out of the 2 types of Articles in English language.

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Indefinite Article (Use of A/An)

Articles A and An, comes under the category of the Indefinite articles. We will see some Rules of Article /An

Rule1:  A/An Article is used before the singular countable nouns when they are in indefinite and also when they are used for the first time.

  • This is a School.
  • This is an underground store.
  • This is a toy.

Rule2: An Article will come before a  noun in a sentence.

  • He is a teacher in Government School.
  • He is an engineer by profession.

Rule3: Articles are also used when an adverb qualifies the Nouns. See Examples

  • He is a very nice student.
  • He is a very good singer.

Rule4: An is used before the sounds of vowels a,e, i, o,u. Keep in mind that you have to look for vowels sound not just vowel in the beginning of the word. You must be aware of the vowel sounds in Hindi.

  • Give me an umbrella, it’s raining
  • An underage child
  • An honest policeman.
  • An American woman
  • An European Guy (Wrong) >> A European Guy (Correct)
  • An University (Wrong) >> A University
  • An honourable man
  • An ugly woman
  • An Australian Cricketer
  • An old lady

A is used before words starting with consonants and also before words not having a vowel sound in them.

  • A Classroom
  • A one rupee coin
  • A European guy
  • A team of players
  • A University
  • A novel
  • A Government officer
  • A 5-star hotel
  • A teacher
  • A Doctor
  • A mannerless person
  • A year

Correct Use of A/An in Abbreviations

Articles in English Grammar
Articles in English Grammar
  • An L.L.B Student
  • I met an IAS officer today
  • He is an MP.
  • B.A. student
  • He is C.A. by profession
  • He had an argument with an MLA

Rule5: A/An articles can also be used when we want to indicate one in number.

A book. (1 book)

A glass of water. ( 1 glass)

Give me an example. (1 example)

Rule 6: A/An is also used when a verb is being used as a noun. Check example.

Are you ready for a drive?

We went for a long walk yesterday.

Rule 7: A/An is not used before uncountable nouns except in some cases.

Give me a money. ( Wrong) >> Give me money.

A Furniture (Wrong) >> Furniture (Correct)

A knowledge (Wrong) >> Knowledge (Correct)

I want a love. (Wrong) >> I want love.


Definite Article (Use of The)

Articles in English
Articles in English Grammar

The is a definite article.  The is used before names of specific things.

Rules of Article The

Rule 1: Used before popular things and places name, names of rivers, mountains, famous monuments etc

Ex: The Himalayas, The Ganges, The Hindustan Times, The Taj Mahal

Rule 2: The Article is used when we have already introduced something in the paragraph.

Ex. The Taj Mahal is very beautiful. The monument is situated in U.P.

Rule 3: The Article is used before Superlative degree of Adjectives.

  • the best student
  • the worst thing
  • the most intelligent man
  • the ugliest woman

Other usages of ‘The’ Article

Names of Rivers: The Brahmaputra

Names of Dynasty: The Cholas

Names of newspapers: The Hindu

Names of Oceans: The Pacific Ocean

Names of Trains: The Shatabdi Express.

Names of planets: The Jupiter, the Mars


Some examples of The Article in Sentences form

The boy whom I was talking about came to my house last night.

The best season to eat good food is Winter season.

The T20 World Cup will happen next week.

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So, this was all about the Articles Grammar Topic of English. We will write about more Grammar topics in our coming articles.



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