Best and Highest Paid Careers after School Education in India

Highest Paid Careers
Top Best and Highest Paid Careers in India

Top Highest Paid Careers after School

Top Highest Paid Careers:    In India, there are many ways of obtaining education for successful work and career growth. India had the third place (after the UK and China) in the number of higher education institutions in the country. Policy on universities could be determined by the authorities of the state where the University is located, or directly by the Indian government. Under the guidance of higher education Department of India, one can find all the best universities in the country which give you a great opportunity to start best careers in India.

The Indian University system was formed under the influence of Anglo-Saxon and European countries, so it combines the experience of the most advanced educational institutions in the world. Today Indian universities strive to be accessible to every citizen.

best career options after school
Top Best and Highest Paid Careers in India

Due to the Democratic policies of universities, the education in India is quite available and does not require much effort. In this post, we will talk about the Highest Paid Careers to get to the highest paying jobs. This article will help you to choose your Best Career option after 12th Class. Many people remain confused in the question How to choose your career after school.

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What are the Highest Paid Careers in India?

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Top Best and Highest Paid Careers in India

Below you can see the List of Highest Paying Careers after School. 


Highest Paid Careers#1:  Technical and Engineering Specialties:

India is a country with a growing economy, so the development of knowledge-based industries in universities is a top priority. That’s why most of the foreign students coming to India for quality educational programs in technology and engineering. Almost all major universities who have attained global recognition are narrow institutions that are based in high-tech industries. Indian universities are especially famous in the field of chemical technologies aimed at the development of more economical and environmentally friendly methods of utilization of raw materials. Electronic engineering and computer technology are also popular.


Highest Paid Careers#2:  The MBA degree:

The booming economy of India, which, as suggested, to the middle of XXI century will be one of the three leading economies in the world, attracts a large international organization from the USA and Europe. India is an attractive destination for students wishing to obtain the MBA degree. This is true for several reasons.

First, business schools in India are recognized in the international arena: they are slightly behind prestigious business schools in the USA and the UK. Second, getting an MBA in India much cheaper than in the US or European countries. In this regard, India has increased the demand for professionals in marketing and business administration. It led to the fact that the country formed a strong business school leading to best careers in India. According to the rating of a magazine the Financial Times, two Indian business schools are among the world top 50. And best of all, the MBA in Indian business schools is almost 10 times cheaper than in Europe and the USA.


Highest Paid Careers#3:  Financial Accessibility:

Financial accessibility is one of the best careers in India. Getting the education in top universities in the country will cost about $3,000 per year. Comparing with Europe, you will not lose in the quality of education.


Highest Paid Careers#4:   English:

Even in the XX century, the Government of India has set as the official languages Hindi and English. In the best Indian universities, there are many English-language programs. Thus, foreign students who do not know Hindi can safely go to study in India and do not spend time learning the local language.

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Highest Paid Careers#5:  Distance Education:

In India government actively promotes the idea of open education, which, in contrast to the traditional training that is tied to a particular place, conducted remotely. So, the world’s largest University of open education is the University of Indira Gandhi, teaching over 4 million students from all over the world. Thus, education at the University of India can be combined with work or even life in another country and will help in starting highest paid careers in India.

Educational institutions that implement this idea, try to remove all possible restrictions for the person who wants to learn. So, open universities refuse entrance exams, conduct training remotely, and often make it completely free. India has the largest number of universities of this type. Many of them have their training in English.


The place of Indian universities in world rankings is high:

In the world ranking QS 8 Indian universities are in the top 500. This figure does not have every European country (e.g. in Austria only 4 universities are in the top 500), and for India, whose universities have begun active growing only in the XX century, it is the perfect amount. In addition, the ratings on the regions of the Indian universities are in the leading position. So, according to the QS best universities in Asia, 5 Indian universities come in the top 50. And the Indian research University ranks in the top ten in QS rating of BRICS countries.

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This was all about the Career Choice after 12th and How to choose your career after school. Soon, we will come up with an article on the 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India and Top paying jobs of World. We hope that this helps you to decide your best career option so that you reach the highest paying jobs in India.


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