Class 10 English Notes | The Book That Saved the Earth Summary

The Book That Saved Earth Summary

The Book That Saved Earth Summary

We have shared summaries of many chapters of class English till now. But there are very few chapters that we personally find interesting for students. The Book That Saved the Earth is one of them. This chapter is about the era of the twentieth-century which showcases the visit of some extraterrestrial creatures on Planet Earth. It talks about a book that saved the earth in the 20th century. The historian and the audience are in the 25th century. The historian starts a projector that shows a play. In that play, there are various characters. The historians tell the audience that the era of the 20th century was known as the era of books. All the information was present in books.


Class 10 English Notes: The Book That Saved Earth Summary

The story talks about the invasion attempt made by the creatures of Mars. They sent their commanders on planet Earth for a secret mission. As soon as the projector light is flashed, the audience get to see their supreme head, the Think Tank. Think Tank is a strange Martian creature who was an egg-shaped head. He is wearing a long dress which has decorative work on it. The dress has a design work made by stars and circles.

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At the same time, his personal assistant named as Noodle is shown. Noodle always advise him about various situations and problems. Then Think tank asks the mirror who is the most gifted person. The mirror answers back that he himself is one of the most gifted person. He then ask Noodle about the space probe which they sent on planet earth. Noodle confirms that before lunch their spaceship is going to attack planet Earth.


Scene 2

The story enters scene 2. Scene 2 is of Mars Space Control and a public library on Earth. The scene starts at Centerville Library where three Martians are doing strange things. Then the Noodle connects Think Tank with the team of three Martians sent on a mission. Captain Omega was working with the drawers. He was opening and closing them again and again. The other Martian Lieutenant Iota is standing to his left and Sergeant Oop is also present in the scene. Sergeant Oop is turning the pages of a book very fast.

Captain Omega is asked for location. Captain Omega then asks Lt. Iota for their location and she says they are surrounded with thousands of strange items and it must be a storage house. Oop says that he has travelled almost 7 galaxies but have not seen such a thing. Think Tank looks at the book and says that they must be edible and asks them to eat one.

The Book That Saved Earth Summary
Class 10 Footprints Without Feet Notes

After that Think Tank uses his wits and says that the things which are around them are actually sandwiches and they are part of the Earthlings diet. He orders them to taste it once. Omega was ready to eat but then he realizes that Lt. Iota has still not completed her breakfast so he should try it first. Iota feels honoured to be the first Martian to get the chance to eat that sandwich but she asks Oops to try it. Oops start eating the book from one corner and pretends to chew and swallow it. then Think Tank and other members ask him about the taste of the item and how he felt while eating it. Oops pretends as if it was tasty and says that how the people of Earth could eat it without water.

Noodle then understand that it is not something to eat. He explains Think Tank that he wonders that the strange thing is actually a communication device which the people of earth use to communicate with each other. Think Tank then says that he too thinks the same and was to say the same thing. He says so because he thinks that Think Tank can never be wrong. Then he asks all of them, Who can not be wrong? All of them answer in unison that he can never be wrong.

Think Tank then orders them to listen to the devices and out them to their ears. They take the book and out it close to their ears. They could not hear anything. Omega adds that they might be in some wrong frequency.

Then Think Tank says that the Earthlings must have watched us coming on their planet. The earthlings are smart and these devices are for eye communication. He orders Captain Omega to look into the device and tell what he sees. He says that he could see some lines. They realize that this must be some code of Earthlings. Then he asks Captain Omega to take his vitamins and tell him to see in the device and tell him what does he observe.

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Captain Omega then reads Nursery rhyme, ‘Mistress Mary..’Think tank then realize how the people of Earth have combined Agriculture and mining. Earthlings also grow explosives in their farms and they can be dangerous. He then asks noodle to contact their invasion team. Noodle informs that they are about to attack Earth soon.

Captain Omega starts reading another rhyme, ‘Hey Diddle Spoon…” To this, oops start laughing but Think Tank asks them to stop laughing and be serious. He thinks that he has got new information about the plan of Earthlings. Then a line comes which reads that the cow reaches jumps the moon. To this Think Tank wonders that people of Earth are very advanced. They have taught their cattles to travel in Space, their animals know music culture and a lot of things. He then fears that Earthlings are planning an attack of thousands of cows on other planets.

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They then find another nursery rhyme which starts like this ‘Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall..’ They then look at the picture clearly. It had a picture of a man with a very big head. Think Tank realizes that he himself is there in the picture and the people of Earth are coming to capture him. They mistook it as a secret mission code of Earthlings and feel that Mars is in danger as the people of Earth are coming to attack their planet. He then orders Noodle to prepare a space capsule for him. Noodle asks him where are they going to run away. Think Tank explains that they will escape to Alpha Centaury which is 100 miles away. They will stay there as it is safe.

Historian then starts laughing. She explains to the audience how a nursery rhyme book had saved the Earth from the Mars invasion. Think Tank had escaped and Noodle took the command. They contacted the Martians again and became friends with them. They also tell them sandwiches and books are 2 different things. Martians also establish a library on their planet but they fear one book which they can never ever read, ” The Mother Goose” This is the same book that had saved the Earth from the Martian attack in the 2oth century.

So, this was Class 10 The Book That saved earth summary. We will publish more Footprints without Feet notes for Class 10. Stay tuned for more CBSE Class 10 study materials, question papers, Class 10 NCERT solutions and more. Follow us on Facebook if you don’t want to miss any update.

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