CBSE Class 10 Science Extra Questions: Control and Coordination [ Updated ]

Control and Coordination Extra Questions

Class 10 Science Extra Questions

 Earlier, we have posted extra questions of Life Processes, Control and coordination with solutions. Today, we are sharing Class 10 Science Extra Questions for the Chapter Control and Coordination so that you master this chapter well. Have a look:-


CBSE Class 1o Science Extra Questions

Control and Coordination

Q.1. What is a Reflex action? Write 2 examples of reflex actions from your daily life

Q.2. Write the functions of major parts of brain and draw a labeled diagram of human brain

Q.3. Define:  

(a) Geotropism     (b) Hydrotropism      (c) Phototropism   (d) Chemotropism

Q.4. What are receptors and effectors in human body and their uses.

Q.5. Which part of brain maintains posture?

Q.6. Write down functions of following hormones:

(a) Auxin   (b) Cytokinins     (C) Gibberellins

Q.7 Why  should we use only iodized salt? What will happen if there is a deficiency of iodine in our food?


Class 10 Science Extra Questions

Q.8 What is the use of adrenaline and why it is known as the fright and Flight hormone?

Q.9. Write names of 3 human body hormones and the sites of their secretion

Q.10. Draw structure of a Neuron and write its functioning.

Q.11. Which signals will be affected if we get an injury in the spinal cord?

Q.12. What is the role of brain in reflex action?

Q.13. A person is advised to take less sugar in diet. Which disease is he suffering from. What should he do to improve his health?

Q.14. What is a Neuron?

Q.15. Name the receptors for sound and light in case of animals.

Q.16. How does the process of Control and Coordination takes place in the plants?

Q.17. What is CNS?

Q.18. Explain in brief Autonomic Nervous System.


So, these were the CBSE Class 10 Science Extra Questions from the 7h chapter, Control and Coordination. Hope you liked the article. Don’t forget to share this with your classmates and friends. Stay tuned with Careeradvice4u and keep learning 🙂





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