DAV Class 6 Science Our Environment: Back Exercise Solutions [ Updated ]

dav science book class 6 solutions

DAV Class 6 Science Solutions

DAV schools have their own book for All subjects. The books are designed while keeping in mind the syllabus of CBSE. Sometimes students are not able to complete their notebooks and in exam time it becomes difficult for them to learn the correct answers to all questions. So, Careeradvice4u decided to provide detailed solutions for DAV Class 6 Science book (back exercise) for Chapter 1 Our Environment.


Class 6 Science book, Back exercise Page no. 14 D Part

Question 1: Why should we segregate different types of waste?

Segregation of waste is important because it makes the process of recycling much easier. The waste may contain biodegradable and nonbiodegradable wastes. Proper separation of both of these is also important for public health. If we dispose of biodegrade waste properly, useful product i.e compost can be obtained from it.


Question 2: Write the meaning of the term ‘Vermicomposting’.

Vermicomposting is the process of composting with the help of worms liken white worms and redworms. It enhances the process of organic waste conversion. It is good for the soil and serves as a nutrient-rich fertilizer.


Question 3:  Which component of air gets used up during the process of Photosynthesis?

Carbon dioxide gets used up during the process of Photosynthesis while Oxygen comes as a by-product.


Question 4:  Suggest any five activities that can help to save the environment?

There are various ways by which we can save the environment. We will discuss some of the ways we can adopt to make the Earth a better place to live.

1. Planting more and more trees: Trees are necessary if we want to keep a check on the pollution level in our atmosphere. Trees help to create a balance in the environent We should encourage children to plant more and more trees.

2. Water Conservation: We should not waste water and should use it cautiously

3. Recycling of products: We should recycle more and more products to save the environment.

4. Using Alternate sources of Energy that creates less pollution. We should encourage the use of CNG vehicles. We can also rely more on electricity-based vehicles.

5. Minimize use of plastics: Plastics are a cause of worry for humans as they adversely affect the environment and can not be broken down into simpler substances.


Question 5: How does nature maintain a balance, between the amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide, in the atmosphere?

The carbon dioxide that we and animals release is used up by the plants. Plants on the other hand release oxygen which is used by us. Thus, a balance is created in the atmosphere. To maintain this balance we should avoid deforestation and should plant more and more trees.


DAV Class 6 Science Back Question/Answers Pg 15 E Part

Question 1: Distinguish between–

(a) Autotrophs and Heterotrophs


Organisms which prepare their own food are known as AutotrophsOrganisms which can not prepare their own food and are dependent on others for their food are known as Heterotrophs
Green PlantsAnimals

(b) Decomposers and Scavengers

They obtain their food from dead and decaying plants and animalsThey feed on the dead bodies of other animals
They breakdown the dead and decaying plants and animals in mineralsThey help in keeping our environment clean
Example: Fungi and BacteriaExample: Vultures and jackals


Question 2: State the difference between biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials. Give one example of each. 

Ans2: Biodegradable Substances

Substances that can be broken down into simpler substances are known as Biodegradable substances. Example paper and cloth

Non-Biodegradable substances

Substances that can not be broken down into simpler substances and gets accumulated in the environment. Example Plastic


DAV science book class 6 solutions


Question 3: How does the decomposition of dead animals turn out to be useful?

The decomposition of animals turn out ot be useful in various ways. It increases the amount of nutrition of the soil as they get converted into minerals after decomposition. It increases the fertility of the soil and serves as humus for the soil


Question 4: Why is rainwater harvesting a ray of hope for overcoming the present scarcity of water in cities?

Rainwater harvesting is the perfect way to save water. Rainwater harvesting means collecting the rainwater and let it be stored above the ground, or below the ground as groundwater. This water then can be used later for various purposes. This stored water will serve the need of water in cities. It also increases the subsoil water level. The stored water can be used for cleaning and other household work.


Question 5: Why do buffaloes cool themselves in water during summers?

Buffaloes can not bear the heat in summers when temperature is quite high. The first reason is their body fat and secondly the black colour of the body which absorbs more heat. They don’t have efficient sweat glands to sweat more. Thus, they feel more heat as compared to cows. To cool themselves they enter ponds and lakes.


Question 6: Draw a diagram that shows the relationship between the biotic and the abiotic components of the environment. 


Biotic Abiotic Relationship diagram


So, these were DAV science book class 6 solutions for Chapter 1, Our Environment. We have given solutions for back exercise. If you have any queries you can ask through the comments section below. We will update more solutions for Science Class 6 DAV book. Stay connected to Careeradvice4u













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