DAV Class 6 Science Back Exercise Solutions: Separation of Substances

DAV Class 6 Science Solutions

DAV Public Schools have their own CBSE based curriculum and books. They have given a good number of practice questions in form of back exercises. Sometimes it becomes for students to find the answers to all questions and they get confused as where to find the right answers. We at Careeradvice4u are providing you complete solutions to DAV Public School, Science Book Solutions for Class. In our previous article, we shared back exercises solutions for DAV Class 6 Science Book, Chapter 2 Food. Today, we are going to share question answers of chapter 4 of DAV Science Book, Separation of Substances.


Ch 4 Separation of Substances Solution: DAV Class 6 Science

Name any three methods used for separating a solid-solid mixture. 

There are various methods that we can use to separate solid soli mixtures. Some of the methods are given below:

Hand Picking

Hand-picking is an efficient method to separate solid-solid mixtures. But this will work when both the substances are of different sizes, colour or shape. We can pick the substances with hands and separate them easily.


Threshing is another method to separate the solid-solid mixture. This method is used to separate the grains from the stalks. In this method, the stalks are beaten on the ground with high pressure. This makes the grains fall off on the ground.


This method is used to separate substances which have a difference in their weights. We use this method to separate the husk from the wheat. The mixture is allowed to fall from a height and wind blows the lighter particles leaving behind the particles having more weight.


Ques 2: What is Winnowing? Give an example of a mixture whose components can be separated by this method.

Winnowing is a method to separate solid-solid mixtures. We use this method for the separation of the husk from wheat. There is a difference in the weight of the components of the mixture. The lighter objects get blown away because of air and the heavier particles remains.


Question 3: Some iron pins get scared on the carpet when you are expecting some guests. How can one collect all the pins in the shortest time possible? 

Ans 3: We will use the method of Magnetic Separation. The iron pins will get stick to the magnet when bringing it near to them. This way we can pick up all the iron pins in the shortest time possible.


Question 4: Name any three substances which sublime on heating.

Incense stick, Camphor and Ammonium Chloride sublimes on heating.


Question 5: What is Crystallisation? Name any three substances which can be purified using this technique.

Ans 5: Crystallisation is a method which is used to separate solid substance in the form of crystals from its saturated solution. Examples of these methods are:-

a) Separation of sugar from the sugar solution

b) Separation of Blue Vitriol from its Samples

c) Separating the crystals of Alum








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