English Grammar: Sentences and Types of Sentences

English Grammar

English Grammar

Sentences:  English Grammar is very important for everyone I think. Grammar is something that we really need to master if we need to speak the right words and don’t want people to laugh at us.  Many times you become a matter of laugh and discussion just because of your wrong pronunciation and improper usage of words in English.

About 360 million people speak English as their first language all around the world. Check below:-

Usage of English around the World

Sentences and Types of Sentences

English Language is required in all the MNCs, private jobs and also in Government jobs now. Many companies mention in their requirements that you should be fluent in English. So, to help you out we will teach you some important topics of Grammar one by one. Today, we are gonna teach you:–

  • What is a Sentence
  • Definition of Sentence
  • Types of Sentences 
  • Example of Sentences


What is a Sentence ( Sentences Intro)

Sentences|Types : Grammar

Definition of Sentence:   A Sentence is a group of words having a meaningful sense.

I mentioned Sentence is a group of words but also notice that I have written forming a meaningful sense. Just a group of words can not make a sentence. The group of words should have a proper meaning and sense. Otherwise, it can not be called a sentence. Got it?

Let me explain with an example Ok?

“doctor a day An Apple keeps the away”

This is a group of words only but can you call it a sentence?? Definitely No!!!

Because it does not make any sense my dear. So, Sentences should have a proper meaning and should have a sense. It should be meaningful. Now we will discuss the types of Sentences and some examples of each type of sentence.

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Types of Sentences

There are 5 types of Sentences and we will explain you all the five types of sentences with examples. We will have a brief on types of sentences and how to identify them easily. Let us Start !!

Are you Ready?? Yes, you are 🙂

  1. Assertive Sentence (Simple Sentence)
  2. Imperative Sentence
  3. Interrogative Sentence
  4. Exclamatory Sentence
  5. Optative Sentence

Assertive Sentences: Simple sentences comes under the category of Assertive Sentences. These are very simple sentences that we use normally. Let us see some example sentences of Assertive Sentences

Ex1: The sun rises in the East.

Ex2: I love my country more than anything.


Imperative Sentences: Sentences having order, request or advice. Such sentences having any one of these things are known as Imperative sentences. Let us look at some examples sentences of the Imperative Sentences.

Order: Leave the room at once!

Request: Please, help me in solving these math sums.

Advice: You should wake up early in the morning for a healthy mind and body.


Interrogative Sentences: The sentences which having a question format comes under the category of Interrogative sentences. They can have the “Wh” family usage in them. Such sentences will end with a question mark ( ? )  Let us see some example sentences of the Interrogative sentences

Ex1: Whom are you talking about?

Ex2: Why are you late in the class?


Exclamatory Sentences: Sentences having sudden expressions, astonishment, instant expressions, excitement etc.. comes under the category of Exclamatory sentences. Let us look at some example sentences of the Exclamatory Sentences.

Ex1: Alas! her mother died of cancer

Ex2: Hurray, we won the match!

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Optative Sentences: Those sentences which represent our duties, expression of blessings etc comes under the category of Optative Sentences. You will get a deeper understanding by some example sentences of the Optative Sentences.

Ex1: May God bless You!

Ex2: We ought to respect our elders.

So, that was all for today. Thanks for your time you devoted to read the article. We discussed an important topic of English Grammar. Don’t Forget to share what you feel and share this article with your friends if you found it useful.










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