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Essay on Pollution

Short Essay on Pollution    What do you mean by pollution? The degradation of the environment due to various factors is known as Pollution. The factors may vary for each kind of pollution. The increasing level of pollution put an adverse effect on the environment. The pollution levels may affect the living standard of humans and the habitat of animals. Pollution can cause various health issues. Studies have proved that breathing and other lung issues have increased due to increasing levels of air pollution. Today, in this article we are going to discuss the types of pollution.


Types of Pollution: Paragraph on Pollution

Air Pollution


Air pollution may be caused by various pollutants present in the environment. The main causes of air pollution are smoke produced by burning fossil fuels, toxic waste from chimneys of factories, the use of fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture also releases various chemicals in the air. A lot of pollution is released from various vehicles which are the basic mode of transportation. In urban areas, the number of vehicles is much more as compared to rural areas. Mining operations also release a lot of chemicals into the atmosphere.


The mining of minerals from earth’s crust involves the usage of heavy machines and when these machines are used they produce a lot of chemicals in the air. You must have read various reports which talk about the lung issues experienced by workers who work in mines and the people living nearby.

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Water Pollution

Causes of Water Pollution

Water is one of the most essential need of living beings. Polluted water becomes the cause of various disease. Life is impossible without water. The greed and irresponsible nature of human towards nature has led to water pollution. Water pollution may be caused by various factors. Some of the common reasons for water pollution are toxic wastes and effluents directly released in water bodies by various small factories and industries. These toxic wastes deteriorate water bodies like lakes, rivers, ponds, etc. It also becomes a severe problem for marine life.


People allow their cattle to bath in water bodies like rivers, ponds and lakes. Bathing of animals in these water bodies also causes water pollution. Many people wash their clothes in these water bodies which causes the accumulation of soap and detergent foam which affects the marine life and quality of water. Many times it happens that sewer lines get mixed with each other contaminating the water bodies. Now, this polluted water can pass on to residential areas creating a chance of spreading more and more diseases. Doctors always advise to use RO, or boil water before drinking.


Land Pollution

Land Pollution is one of the major problems in today’s time. There are various factors which are responsible for land pollution. We will discuss some of the common reasons which lead to soil pollution. Trees bind the soil and overcutting of trees/ deforestation can be called one of the major causes of land pollution.


Overgrazing of land by animals is also a big cause of land pollution. The chemicals and fertilizers may penetrate deep into the land and can harm the organisms which prevent proper growth. Mining activities also make adjoining lands unfit for the proper growth of crops. Illegal Dumping of waste also lowers the quality of the soil. Many times garbage is dumped for a longer time in the same land. This causes various degradation of that land. Nuclear waste can produce a lot of waste ( both fission and fusion). The radioactive substances may contain various chemicals which may be hazardous for nearby areas. So, they are buried under the earth, they can also cause land pollution.

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Noise Pollution

Short essay on Pollution

What serves as music for someone can be noise for others. Noise pollution can be created by various undesirable sounds. There can be various reasons for Noise pollution. Some of the major causes of Noise Pollution are honking of horns by various vehicles stuck in traffic, sounds from machines in a factory. Construction of houses involves a large number of activities.


Construction of houses can create noise pollution and it can affect the day to day activities of neighbours. Loud music played in parties, marriage functions and other and other occasions can also be a cause of Noise pollution. Prolonged noise patterns can cause hearing issues in the case of elders and children. If not taken care of these hearing issues can create a large impact.


So, this was a short essay on Pollution. We have covered all four basic types of pollution. If you have been given a school assignment to write an essay on pollution, you can take help from here. Don’t forget to subscribe Careeradvice4u for more such useful essays in the future.

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