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Mijbil The Otter NCERT Solutions

Mijbil The Otter Summary in Brief        CBSE has provided some really interesting chapters in class 10 English Literature book, The First Flight.  Mijbil the Otter is one of the chapters in Class 10 English Literature book. Today, we will discuss the Mijbil The Otter NCERT Solutions. Mijbil was an otter who plays an important role in the story. Mijbil was gifted to the narrator by his friend. The narrator once expressed his desire of owning a pet after his dog died. His friend suggested that he should get it from the Marshes along the river Tigris. His friend had left but his mail had not arrived. He got his mail and to his surprise, his mail arrived with a sack. Two Arab people brought a note too. His friend had gifted him an Otter.


The otter started becoming friendly day by day. The otter had a great love for water and it used to play in the water. The time to leave for London had arrived. On the day of their flight, the narrator wrapped him up and put him in a box. After half an hour when he returned he noticed that blood was flowing out from the box. Only 10 minutes were left for the flight to take off.


The narrator hurried and managed to reach the airport in a cab. He explained all this to an air hostess. The air hostess helped him and advised him to hold the box. All of sudden, Mijbil the Otter ran out from the box and disappeared somewhere in the flight. The otter created a mess as many people got uncomfortable after seeing the otter. In fact, a lady stood on her seat. The air hostess found the otter and brought it back to the narrator. The narrator then safely landed in London. At home, Otter plays with a lot of things like marbles, ping pong, and other things. Both of them enjoyed at home. The Otter became friendly with the narrator.


Mijbil The Otter NCERT Solutions

Question 1: What experiment’ did Maxwell think Camusfearna would be suitable for?

Ans 1: Maxwell thinks that Camusfearna would be appropriate for keeping an otter instead of domesticating a dog. He really wanted to own a pet after the death of his dog.


Question 2: Why does he go to Basra. How long does he wait there, and why?

He went to Basra as he and his friend were about to receive a mail from the Consulate-General of Europe. His friend’s mail had arrived and he left. His mail had not arrived even after 3 days. He tried sending a message but all in vain. He also tried calling but the line was quite busy. Finally, the mail arrived after 5 days. So, he had to wait there for 5 days.


Question 3: How did he get the Otter. Does he like the Otter. What lines tell you this?

Ans 3: The narrator expressed his desire of owning a pet after his dog died. His friend sent him a mail. The mail also had a sack in which the narrator found the Otter. The sack was handed over by two Arab men. Yes, the narrator really liked the Otter as his pet. He took care of the Otter and the Otter had become friendly with him. A term has been used in the story ‘otter fixation‘. This term explains the attachment of the narrator with the otter. Such kind of attachment has also been experienced by other people who have owned an Otter earlier.

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Question 4: Why was the Otter named ‘ Maxwell’s Otter’?

Ans4: The Otters were not known to Science earlier. Later on, a zoologist named Lutragale perspicillata Maxwelli discovered the Otter. That’s why the name was given as Maxwell’s Otter.


Question 5: Tick the right answer. In the beginning, the otter was

  • aloof and indifferent
  • friendly
  • hostile

Ans 5: Initially the Otter was aloof and indifferent. He became friendly with the narrator later on.


Question 6: What happened when Maxwell took Mijbil to the bathroom? What did it do two days after that?

Ans 6:  When the otter was taken to the bathroom it was quite excited. It had a great love for the water. It started enjoying in the water. It started rolling in the water and playing with the water splash.

After 2 days when the narrator was not present, the Otter managed to reach the bathroom and turned on the tap by its paws. The Otter was very quick in turning on the tap. The water first came slowly and later on came out with full flow when the otter fully turned on the tap.


Question 1: How was Mij to be transported to England?

Ans 1: The airlines had instructed that the otter could be taken along if it is packed in a box. The box should not be more than 18 inches square. The box should be placed on the floor and should not cause problems to other passengers. The narrator did the same. He put the Otter in a box and carried it in the flight.


Question 2: What did Mij do to the box?

Mij was a bit naughty. When the narrator left for a meal, the otter tried to come out from the box. The otter created a mess. It destroyed the inner lining of the box and in order to escape, it hurt itself. The otter was bleeding from everywhere. The narrator was shocked to see this. The cutting edges had hurt Mijbil.

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Question 3: How did Maxwell put the Otter back in the box? How do you think he felt when he did that?

Maxwell knew that the Otter was uncomfortable in the box. The otter hurt itself. Maxwell removed all the cutting edges of the box so that the otter does not get hurt again. He was in a hurry to take the cab for the airport as he was getting late for his flight. He himself felt bad for the condition of the Otter but he was helpless.


Question 4: Why does Maxwell say that the air hostess was ” very queen of her kind”?

Ans 4: Maxwell said that air hostess was very queen of her kind because since the beginning the air hostess helped and understood the situation. She understood how important the pet was for Maxwell. So, she allowed him to put Otter close to his knee while traveling. She was a kind and helpful lady. She also helped Maxwell to find the Otter when it came out of the box.


Question 5: What happened when the box was opened?

Ans 5: Mij ran out from the box when the box was opened. It disappeared somewhere in the aircraft and ran under the legs of the passengers. Maxwell worried about the Otter. One of the ladies stood on her seat out of fear. Otter was then seen under the legs of an Indian passenger. The air hostess who was seeing all this asked Maxwell to sit on the seat. She ensured him to find the Otter. Later, Mijbil, the Otter returned back and slowly came on Maxwell’s knee.



Question 1:  What things does Mij do which tell you that he is an intelligent, friendly and fun-loving animal who needs love?

Mijbil was quite friendly with Maxwell. It loved to play and enjoy. It had a great love for the water. One day when Maxwell was not present, it managed to move towards the bathroom out of the bed. It then opened the tap with its paws in less than a minute. It started playing with the splash of water. It tried to come out of the box when it was kept in a box. Even when Mijbil was present in the flight, it tried to come out of the box and disappeared as it loved to play like a child. It hated being kept in a box or something. It became very much attached to Maxwell. At home, it used to play all sorts of games with Maxwell. It used to play with marbles, ping pong, and other fun games.


Question 2: What are some of the things that we come to know about Otters from this text?

Ans 2: Otter belongs to a race that was earlier unknown to science. Later zoologists Lutragale perspicillata Maxwelli discovered it. Otters are very friendly and they love to play like small kids. They love to enjoy in the water. They can play various games with balls. Maxwell’s Otter became very friendly with him. It used to play a lot of games like ping pong, loved to play with marbles. Otters are found in areas that are close to Marshes. They are mostly found along the riverside. In Iraq, a lot of people keep them as pets. Maxwell’s otter did not love to be kept in a box. Otters love to play around freely.


Question 3: Why is Mij’s species now known to the world as Maxwell’s otter?

Ans 3: Mij’s species was now known as Maxwell’s Otter because earlier the species of Otter was unknown to science. It was then discovered by zoologist Lutragale Perspicillata Maxwelli. So, later it was known as Maxwell’s otter in short.


Question 4: Maxwell in the story speaks for the Otter, Mij. He tells us what the Otter feels and thinks on different occasions. Given below are some things the otter does. Complete the column on the right to say what Maxwell says about what Mij feels and thinks

What Mij doesHow Mij Feels
Plunges, Rolls in the water and makes the water splosh and splashHe consider himself a hippo and enjoys in water
Screws the tap in the wrong wayHe felt bit frustrated
nuzzles Maxwell's face and neck in the aeroplaneHe felt happy while doing so




Question 5: Read the story and find the sentences where Maxwell describes his pet Otter

Then choose and arrange your sentences tp illustrate those statements below that you think are true. Maxwell’s description

  1. makes Mij seem almost human, like a small boy
  2. shows that he is often irritated with what Mij does
  3. shows that he is often surprised by what Mij does
  4. of Mij’s antics is comical
  5.  shows that he observes the antics of Mij very carefully
  6. shows that he thinks Mij is a very ordinary otter
  7. shows that the thinks the otter is very unusual

Ans 5:

  1. True
  2. False
  3. True
  4. Tue
  5. True
  6. False
  7. True


Thinking about the Language ( Pg no. 111)

Question 1: Noun Modifiers

Look at these examples from the text and say whether the modifiers ( in italics ) are nouns, proper nouns or adjective plus noun

  1. An Otter fixation
  2. The iron railings
  3. The Tigris marshes
  4. The London streets
  5. Soft velvet fur
  6. A four-footed soccer player


  1. Noun
  2. Noun
  3. Proper noun
  4. Proper noun
  5. Adjective plus noun
  6. Adjective Plus noun


Question 2: Given below are some nouns and a set of modifiers ( in the box ). combine the nouns and modifiers to make as many appropriate phrases as you can ( Hint. The nouns and modifiers are all from the text)


TempleNearest temple, Big temple
Giftsprecious gift, anniversary gift
TimeLess time , no time, Best time
CrossingZebra crossing, road crossing
PhysiqueSuperb physique, good looking physique
GirlsSmart girls, intelligent girls, school girls
ThoughtsUneasy thoughts, simple thoughts, clean thoughts
ScreamRoaring scream, sharp scream
SubjectEasy subject, difficult subject
FlightFirst flight, last flight, cheap flight
FarewellLast farewell, school farewell, unforgettable farewell
Landscapebeautiful landscape, lovely landscape
ChatterboxIncorrigible chatterbox
ViewPleasant view, beautiful view, magnificent view
dresseshundred dresses, shiny dresses, beautiful dresses
handkerchiefwhite handkerchief, pink handkerchief
professionprimary profession
Celebrationmarriage celebration, birthday celebration, annual celebration
Roarlion roar
Schoolold school, primary school




So, these were Class 10 English Literature chapter, Mijbil the Otter NCERT Solutions. Stay tuned with Careeradvice4u for more Question and Answers from the book.










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