Prepositions: Types of Prepositions with Their Usage & Sentences

types of preposition


 preposition is something that shows or elaborates the connection between a noun or pronoun and another word. A preposition helps us understand how a noun or the subject of the sentence is related to other words in the sentence; when the preposition changes, it changes the meaning of the sentence; without a preposition, a sentence won’t make sense.

Prepositional terms like ‘in’, ‘on’, ‘over’ etc are meaningless and hard to describe in mere words. For example, when we try to describe a preposition like “in” or “between” or “on”, you will use your hands to show or you will show by actions how something is happening, or located, or established in relation to something else. Prepositions are always combined with the set of words in a sentence called ‘Prepositional Phrases’.

Prepositions and their rules can be really confusing to English learners because there are so many different ones, and choosing the right preposition will sometimes depend on the word that comes before it and in some cases, it will also depend on what comes after the prepositions.

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What are the 4 types of preposition ?

Preposition of Time: It refers to the time frame Ex. at, on, in

Preposition of Place: It shows us the position of the subject or doer in the sentence. Ex. on, at ,in

Preposition of Agent

Preposition of Direction


Some Commonly Used Prepositions –

In, on, above, about, across, around, after, against, at, before, behind, below, beneath, beside, besides, between, Beyond, by, down, during, up, out, in front of, back except, for, from, in, inside, into, like, near, of, off, outside, over, through, throughout, towards, till, to, under, until, upon, with, without, ago, since.


Types of prepositions


Prepositions of TIME

Preposition Meaning Example
On Indicates Days of the week, Dates, Part of a particular day §   He will come on Monday



It Indicates long and indefinite duration of time.

Like – Months, Seasons, Years, Centuries.

It also expresses the uncertainty.

Like – In a minute, in a year, in the morning, in the past, in the future.

§  in July / in summers

§  Sun rises in the morning

§  Megan born in 2005

§  Office will be closed in an hour




It indicates the precise periods of time, holidays etc.

Like – At 5’ o Clock, at the weekend, at Christmas, at noon,

at sunset, at lunchtime.

§  Friends planned the movie at night

Rosy visit church at the weekend

   Since   It indicates the certain duration of time from past till now §  He is deaf since his birth
        For   It indicates over a certain duration of time from past till now. §  He was in paris for 2 years
   Ago   A specific time in the past §  She bought the Typewriter 2 years ago
   Before   Earlier than a specific period of time §  before 2004
    Till   It tells the period of time from beginning to end §  from Monday to/till Friday
   Until   It shows how long something will last. §  He is on holiday until Monday.
    By It tells the duration up to a certain time.    I will be back by 4 o’clock.

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Prepositions of PLACEPrepositions of Place indicates the position or direction of the object.


Commonly Used Prepositions Of Place – At, Between, In, Behind, Under, On, Near, In front of, next to, above, after, Besides.


Preposition Meaning/Use Example
in §  It can be used for some enclosed space(when something is inside that area)

§  Like – country, building, car, train, box

§  in the room, in Italy

§  in the book

§  in the car, in a bus

§  in the photo.

at §  It indicates the exact location or position of something

Like – objects, events, venues etc.

§  at the gate, at the bus stop

§  at the desk

§  at the wedding, at the party

§  at the office, at school, at work

on §  It indicates some object placed on any surface. §  The painting on the wall,

on the table

§  on the top

§  on the second floor

§  on the bus, on a plane

§  on TV, on the radio

·         by, next to, beside §  It indicates left direction or right direction of somebody or something §  allen is standing by / next to / beside the bus.
under §  It indicates the ground area or lower portion of a surface §  the book is under the table
below §  It indicates the object lower than something or above the surface. §  Below the surface
over §  – An object covered by something

-(more than) certain period of time

§  – Across the other side

§  – overcoming some surface

§  put a jacket over your shirt

§  over 16 years of age

§  walk over the bridge

§  climb over the wall

above §  higher than some surface, but not exactly over it §  a path above the lake
across §  getting to the next side

§  across some place

§  walk across the street

across the bridge

through §  moving to one place out of the other location. §  drive through the tunnel
To §  movement to some object, direction or location §  go to the school

§  go to Italy

§  go to bed

Into §  movement of something lor someone inside the covered area, place etc. §  go into the kitchen / the house
towards §  movement of something in some direction §  step towards the building
onto §  movement on the top of something §  jump onto the desk
         from §  indicates the location or point at which something starts or begins §  she started running from a street


Preposition of Direction

This tells us about the direction of the doer or object. Ex. into, to, through, towards

Examples:– He is going to meet his mother.

She is going towards her house.

The teacher entered the classroom.


Preposition of Agent

This expresses a relation between the doer and the object. Examples: by, with etc

The letter was written by Ram.

He created a beautiful painting with his paints.


Other Prepositions


Preposition Meaning/use Example
from §  Something Given by someone §  a present from Jane
Of §  A thing which is belong to something

§  To show something

§  a page of the book

§  the picture of a palace

By §  Indicates a person who made something §  a book by Mark Twain
On §  walking or riding somewhere

§  getting into a public transport vehicle

§  on foot

§  get on the bus

In §  entering in a small vehicle §  get in the car
Off §  coming out of public transport vehicle §  get off the bus
out of §  coming out of a car §  get out of the car
By Indicates the rise or fall of something

§  travelling

§  prices have risen by 20 percent

§  by car, by bus, by train

At §  Use to tell the age §  she learned French at 50
about §  Use to indicate someone §  we were talking about rosy


So, this was a small initiative to help the students. A preposition is an important part of English Grammar and its correct usage is a must. Stay tuned with Careeradvice4u for exam updates, Class 1st to 12th NCERT Solutions, and Sample Papers.

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