Life is Not Easy: How To Deal With Day to Day Challenges

How to overcome Life Challenges


They say “LIFE IS EASY “ but this is not the truth. The fact is that every day or every hour of your life you face new challenges. You step up into new and bigger things with bigger challenges, waiting for you. To make you understand let’s take an example: when you are in your 1st grade, things are difficult to study and understand but your teachers and your parents help you to go through it and once you cleared the exam then what happens! Does it end? No! You are promoted to another big level! With new and big problems! And again your teacher and parents helps you. Then again you pass out then the next level and so on..


Finally, you cleared the school and now you are into college, Does your life become easy? Again no! You have got a new environment, new people, new teachers, and new challenges too! Then you enter into your professional career people says “now you’ll have the only comfort” but does it happen? No! You get new challenges! A new place to work! New people! And so on then, they say only a partner can give the comfort so you start searching for a partner for yourself and you start dating someone and etc.etc. and finally, you are married, have you got an easier life? No! you got a new person in your life ! new responsibilities! New house! New furniture! And everything is new again!

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Then your partner says “ only kids can make our life full of joy” and now you have become a parent. Have things become easier? NO! again new life is in ..with your existing life, new responsibilities with the existing one and many more things then you earn hard work hard to fulfill the needs of your spouse and your kids and now you are waiting to get old.

Now you are getting old day by day, your expectations from your own children are increasing and almost like every new generation your children decides to go totally against to your expectations. You are retired from your job and on the same side, you are tired from life too..

And finally, you go from this planet without living a life of your own..

Now you must be thinking its nothing new that’s how life goes on and etc. etc. well I want to tell something ..

Being a human we have nature to always look up for a comfort zone and since childhood, we are being taught the older you get, the easier life will be. But this is the totally false conception it makes a person to regret that he never had a comfortable life that he always wanted.

The Fact is life is never going to be easy! The problem you face now they are preparing you to get ready for upcoming one! You are a student in your entire life and this life is your school, like in school your increasing levels never gets easy similarly day by day your life will not be easy it will become harder and harder. That’s why we are advised to have discipline in life.

If you want to be a winner you have to deal with this life and the challenges it gives you everyday otherwise you become a failure just by quitting to it.

My simple message is we are comforted with comfortable lies instead of facing the hard truth. Why? These comfortable lies take your life from you and leave you in just regret. Accept the truth! Accept that your life is never going to be easy! It will be a more adventurous day by day. If you want to Live , live in present! Because tomorrow is bringing more difficulties for you …

Now the question arises why problems after problem and challenge after challenge. why is life so unfair? Well, let me tell to get pure gold the metal goes through many processes which include pressure, heat, cold and everything that can be helpful to get pure gold. So does your life do to get a pure of you , to get a REAL you, to make you a pure gold your life put challenges in front of you, to strengthen you and to teach everything that can modify into a REAL human life puts challenges? Live your present fully and give your best only then you can win!

Yes, life is hard because it wants a REAL you …a seed goes through every hard condition to give you fruit so does your life do. A woman bears lot of pain in her pregnancy and after a lot of labour, she gives birth to beautiful living being similarly your life does to you..

Your challenges and difficulties given by Life, will make to learn so much from them and this will give birth to a NEW LIFE…A REAL YOU ..AND A LIFE FULL OF REGARD.





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