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The Hundred Dresses Summary

Hundred Dresses Summary: Class 10 English Lit.

100 Dresses Summary:  This story is about a poor Polish girl whose name was Wanda Petronski. She belonged to Poland and everyone in her class found her name funny. The thing was that her name was quite different from the names of other students in the classroom. Wanda Petronski was a shy girl and she did not talk much with anyone. She had very less friends in the class. She lived at Bogging Heights where most of the poor people of the city used to live. She always used to wear a blue colour faded dress whenever she came to school which made others think that she is very poor and doesn’t have even a single proper dress.

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There were two girls in the class Peggy and Maddie. Both of the girls were very good friends of each other. Peggy was rich and also one of the most popular girls in the school. She was egoistic about her richness. Maddie, on the other hand, was poor but she never became a target because her name was not funny at all ( according to other students). She used to do whatever Peggy used to say her. Both Peggy and Maddie used to make fun of Wanda Petronski. Whenever she came out of the class to go home or in the break, they both used to tease her. They always teased her for her looks and dress. In fact, sometimes they waited extra just to tease that girl. Wanda never answered back in anger because she was a shy girl.


When Wanda was teased by the girls, she admits that she has around 100 dresses at home. All the girls laugh at her because it appears impossible to accept that a poor looking girl can have these many numbers of dresses. Peggy was not coming to school and both Peggy and Maddy waited for her. In fact, Maddie felt bad about Wanda because she thought that one-day people will forget Wanda and she will become the next target for them. She decided to say Peggy that she hasn’t done right with Wanda but then she feared that she might get angry on this.

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The Hundred Dresses Summary: Conclusion

The School organized a painting competition in which the boys had to draw the motorboat while the girls had to draw the dress. The painting competition was held. The class teacher came to the classroom to announce the winner of the drawing competition. Beagles had won the prize from boys, while in girls Wanda Petronski was the winner. She did not come to the class but the teacher announced her name. She had drawn a hundred beautiful dresses and they were the same dress which Wanda used to describe. This made all the classmates realize that she never lied about the dresses. The 100 dresses of Wanda really existed. Peggy and Maddie felt very sorry for what they did and they realized their mistake. They wanted to say sorry to Wanda.

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