Logies/Phobia Study for Competitive exams: English for SSC CGL/CHSL

Logies Phobias for SSC CGL
English is one of the sections of most of the government job and other competitive examinations. Some students face a lot of difficulty in scoring good marks in the English section of the exams because they did not get the opportunity to work on their base earlier. In most of the cases, it is seen that students who come from a govt. the school faces more difficulty than those who have studied in a private school. So, on Careeradvice4u we try to share posts that help you excel in your career. Today, we will study various Logies that are being used in various competitive exams.



Logies Study for SSC CGL/ CHSL (English Section)

1. Agrostology:   Study of grasses
2. Agronomy: Study of scientific farming
3. Anthropology: The study of man’s development
4. Archaeology:  The detailed study of history and past civilizations
5. Demography: Study of the statistics of the social data
6. Ethnology: Studying how the races started
7. Genetics: The study of heredity
8. Linguistics: Study of languages
9. Meteorology:  Study of weather
10. Seismology: Study of earthquakes
11. Neurology: Study of the complete nervous system of the human body
12. Dermatology:  Study of skin
13. Ophthalmology. Study of the eye and its diseases
14. Endocrinology: Study of hormones
15. Oncology: Study of cancerous cells
16. Pathology: Study of diseases
17. Laryngology:  Study of throat
18. Rhinology: Study of the diseases of the nose
19. Gerontology:  Study of old age-related diseases
20. Chiropodist: Someone who specializes in feet care
21. Toxicology: Study of toxic substances or the poison
22. Paleontology: Study of Fossils

COMMON PHOBIAS Asked in SSC CGL/CHSL & other exams

Common Phobias for English Section: SSC CHSL/CGL

Zoophobia: Fear of animals

Toxicophobia: Fear of poison

Neophobia: Fear of changes

Sitophobia: Fear of food

Pedophobia:  Fear of Child

Monophobia:  Fear of loneliness

Thermophobia: Fear from the heat or the hot places

Peniophobia: Fear of being poor

Logophobia: Fear of studies

Metrophobia: Fear of poetry

Claustrophobia: Fear from dark or closed places

Anglophobia:  Fear of English

Acousticophobia:  Fear of the noise

Agoraphobia: Fear of open places

Anthrophobia: Fear of blushing

Xenophobia: Fear of unknown or strange things

Cacophobia: Fear of ugliness

Hippophobia: Fear of horses

Hydrophobia: Fear of water

Helminthophobia: Fear of blood

Enchlophobia: Fear of the crowd

Demophobia: Fear of people

Androphobia: Fear of Men

Arithmophobia:  Fear of Maths subject


Bonus:  English Vocabularies for SSC CGL/CHSL Exam

Abolish to put something to an end
Abortive useless or something which does not have any result
Abstract Something which does not exist physically but only as a a thought or an idea
Abrogate To bring an end to a custom
Abattoir a place where animals are killed
Abdicate to leave something
Assets valuable things
Altar where prayers or things are offered in a religious place
Alimony Financial help given to wife after divorce
Accomplish someone who takes part in crime with another person
Accused someone who is guilty in a court
Blush becoming pink in face due to shyness
Behemoth. A giant creature
Barbaric  extremely Cruel
Brutal too violent
Bully to scare aur make fun of someone.
Cacophony A sharp mixture of sound
Calligraphy to write in a beautiful manner
Callow having little or very less experience
Careen moving on the sides while moving quickly
Censure to criticize someone very strongly
Carcass dead body of a big animal

So, this was a short study material for the English section of SSC CGL/CHSL exam. We will bring more such useful material in the future. Stay tuned with Careeradvice4u

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